Connect Bluetooth adapter Black

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“The Defunc CONNECT Bluetooth adapter is for the person who has an active life through travelling, working out and entertainment at home. S/he has actively chosen her/his listening device and would like to be able to enjoy the same sound experience anywhere.

Wireless anywhere
Defunc CONNECT makes listening and communicating through Bluetooth connections possible in many places that still lack Bluetooth technology. For instance when travelling via airplane or car, working out at the gym or at home watching TV.

Long battery life
16 hours of active playtime.

2-person function
Can send Bluetooth signals to two people with different earbuds, even from a mobile phone.

Multi-device adaptation
Turns non-Bluetooth devices, e.g. airplane entertainment systems, into Bluetooth transmitters to connect with wireless earbuds/headphones. Can even turn wired earbuds/headphones into Bluetooth receivers.”


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